AYAKO是一位住在纽约的彩妆艺术家。AYAKO曾与许多著名摄影师合作,为国际时尚杂志、广告宣传以及时尚系列工作,其中包括Karl Lagerfeld、Steven Meisel和Terry Richardson。她拥有众多粉丝拥趸,包括Penelope Cruz、Scarlet Johansson和Ann Hathaway等好莱坞名人,以及像Naomi Campbell这样的名模,同时,她还曾与包括Alicia Keys 和Jennifer Lopez在内的音乐家合作设计专辑封面和音乐视频。她于2009年创立ADDICTION品牌并担任创意总监。AYAKO喜欢简单却生动,带来视觉冲击的色彩与质感,她打造的妆容亦正亦邪。她独特的艺术品味让她的作品独树一帜,也将她的艺术激情表露无疑。

Creative Director
A makeup artist based in New York. AYAKO has worked for international fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, and collections alongside many prominent photographers, including Karl Lagerfeld, Steven Meisel, and Terry Richardson. She counts among her many fans Hollywood celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Scarlet Johansson, and Ann Hathaway, as well as top models like Naomi Campbell, and she has also worked on album jackets and music videos for musicians such as Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez.She became the creative director of ADDICTION, and launched the brand in 2009. AYAKO is fond of color and texture that can produce a dramatic look with just one stroke. She depicts a mode perspective of the world that can be either a bad girl or a good girl look. Her unique artistic sense finds excitement in all sorts of things, and that sets her creations apart.