3. EYES




    Introducing 99 shades of eyeshadow, all at once.
    A superb color collection, because it’s ADDICTION.

    With a generous range of 9 basic colors,
    for beautifully delicate gradations and texture.
    An expression of a world that is uniquely AYAKO,
    in 99 basic yet original colors like you’ve never seen before.
    ■Fragrance free.

    • Product Code :25663
    • Price: 2,000 Yen (tax not included)
    • Internal Capacity :1g
    Choose a Color :

    Choose from color list:
    • 01 Paper Doll
    • 02 Sugar
      Angel (P)

    • 03 Casablanca
    • 04 Cigarette
    • 05 Swan Lake
    • 06 Ghost
      Dance (P)
    • 07 Black
      Magic Woman

    • 08 Keshi (P)
    • 09 Secret
      Nights (P)

    • 10 Bad Card
    • 11 Joker (M)
    • 12 Toe Shoes
    • 13 Engaged
    • 14 My Baby (P)
    • 15 Age of
      Innocence (M)

    • 16 Platonic
    • 17 Day Trip
    • 18 Blondy (P)
    • 19 9 1/2 (P)

    • 20 Let It Be

    • 21 Love Affair
    • 22 Dusty Rose
    • 23 Love is
      Blind (M)

    • 24 Penny
      Lane (P)
    • 25 Christmas
      Love (S)
    • 26 Unrated
    • 27 Sandcastles

    • 28 Beige (M)
    • 29 Magic
      Flute (P)

    • 30 Rigoletto
    • 31 Tiny Shell
    • 32 Sand Bar
    • 33 Earth Wind
    • 34 Pink Sky
    • 35 Pink
      Python (P)
    • 36 Sheer
      Dress (S)
    • 37 Shell
      Garden (P)
    • 38 Concrete
      Jungle (P)

    • 39 Yesterday
    • 40 Dolly Bird
    • 41 After
      Hours (P)

    • 42 Arabian
      Ruby (ME)

    • 43 Dangerous
      Liaison (P)

    • 44 Missa (M)
    • 45 Spring
      Snow (P)

    • 46 Nouvelle
      Lune (P)

    • 47 3AM (P)
    • 48 Ice Wall (P)
    • 49 Trench
      Town (M)
    • 50 Tuxed
      Moon (P)

    • 51 Meeting at
      Dome (P)
    • 52 Midnight
      Drive (P)

    • 53 Café
      Mambo (P)
    • 54 Thriller (P)
    • 55 Never Land
    • 56 Brown
      Beach (M)
    • 57 Corner
      Stone (M)

    • 58 Buffalo
      Soldier (M)

    • 59 Café Royal
    • 60 Trust Me
    • 61 Chocolate
      Factory (M)

    • 62 Praline (M)
    • 63 Truffle (M)
    • 64 Chocolat
    • 65 Blue
      Mountain (M)

    • 66 The End
    • 67 Private
      Beach (P)

    • 68 Nostalgia
    • 69 Flash Back

    • 70 Marron
      Glacé (P)
    • 71 Café
      Solaire (P)
    • 72 So Gorgeous (P)
    • 73 Dolce Vita

    • 74 Fudge
    • 75 Boy Toy (P)
    • 76 Bagdad
      Café (P)

    • 77 Chocolate
      High (P)

    • 78 Sakura
      Storm (P)
    • 79 Material
      Girl (P)

    • 80 Cry Baby
    • 81 Londolozi
    • 82 Taxi Driver

    • 83 Singita
    • 84 Drop Out
    • 85 Shanghai
      Breakfast (P)

    • 86 La
      Mamounia (M)
    • 87 Gypsy
      Queen (P)

    • 88 Danger (M)
    • 89 North Star
    • 90 Half Moon
    • 91 Super
      Moon (P)
    • 92 Mariage (P)
    • 93 Alice (M)
    • 94 Shangri-La
    • 95 Color
      Purple (ME)
    • 96 Blue Moon
    • 97 Crow (ME)
    • 98 Black Swan
    • 99 Miss You
      More (P)
    • 134 Blood Moon (P)
      ★Limited Edition
    • 135 Arietta (M)
      ★Limited Edition
    • 136 Black Rose (P)
      ★Limited Edition
    • 137 Mia Violetta (P)
      ★Limited Edition
    • 138 Lady Camellia (P)★Limited Edition
    • 139 Soprano (S)
      ★Limited Edition

      - HOW TO WEAR -

      Apply the chosen eyeshadow with a sponge tip applicator or brush around the eyes.

      ■Silky (S):New-sensation texture that lightly colors with a delicate hint of pearl.
      Swathes your skin in a veil, with a signature silky texture like you’ve never felt before!
      Has a high level of translucence, with a distinctive delicate pearly look, like a veil shrouding your eyes.
      ■Matte (M):High opacity, a non-pearl matte finish that won’t disguise the true nature of the color.
      We’ve chosen the perfect base for each coloring,
      and have created a selection of finishes, like opaque and translucent, powdery and hydrating.
      ■Pearl (P): From delicate to rich, a generous selection of pearl finishes. And we’ve used the perfect base depending on each type of pearl finish.
      A lasting beautiful finish that is both pearly and coloring.
      Our pearl finishes are further divided into lustrous, wet, and translucent finishes.
      ■Metallic(ME):Featuring the shimmer of pearl and lame pigments, this finish is metallic and lustrous.
      Melds strongly with the skin, for a lasting metallic finish.

      - COLORS -

      ■WHITE / BLACK


      01 "Paper Doll (M)"
      A delicate matte white.

      12 "Toe Shoes (M)"
      A matte pink ivory.

      02 "Sugar Angel (P)"
      A pearl white with a delicate shimmer.

      13 "Engaged (P)"
      A sweet beige with a gold gloss.

      03 "Casablanca (P)"
      An off white shimmering with gold and silver.

      14 "My Baby (P)"
      A beige pink shimmering with red pearls.

      04 "Cigarette (P)"
      A pearl ivory sparkling with sophisticated pink silver.

      15" Age of Innocence (M)"
      A matte pale pink.

      05 "Swan Lake (P)"
      A pearly white shimmering with red pearl.

      16 "Platonic (M)"
      A neat and tidy matte pink beige.

      06 "Ghost Dance (P)"
      A sheer black with boldly dancing silver pearl.

      17 "Day Trip (P)"
      A pink beige with a smooth gloss.

      07 "Black Magic Woman (P)"
      A pearl black of silver shimmering mystically.

      18 "Blondy (P)"
      A sparkling blond beige.

      08 "Keshi (P)"
      A steel black with a pearl gloss.

      19 "9 1/2 (P)"
      A glossy neutral pearl beige.

      09 "Secret Nights (P)"
      A rich black with silver shimmering like stardust.

      20 "Let It Be (M)"
      A matte gray beige.

      10 "Bad Card (M)"
      The jet black of ebony.

      21 "Love Affair (P)"
      A pink rose sparkling with gold pearl.

      11 "Joker (M)"
      A sophisticated matte black.

      22 "Dusty Rose (M)"
      A matte grayish rose.


      ■PINK / PURPLE

      23 "Love is Blind (M)"
      A matte antique white.

      34 "Pink Sky (P)"
      A smooth light pink.

      24 "Penny Lane (P)"
      A beige shimmering delicately with gold pearl.

      35 "Pink Python (P)"
      A silver pink with the shimmer of large pearl.

      25 "Christmas Love (S)"
      Gold beige that hangs like a veil.

      36 "Sheer Dress (S)"
      Gold beige that hangs like a veil.

      26 "Unrated (M)"
      Matte ivory.

      37 "Shell Garden (P)"
      A pink lavender shimmering with pearl.

      27 "Sandcastles (P)"
      A yellow beige with the shimmer of large silver pearls.

      38 "Concrete Jungle (P)"
      A concrete gray with a smooth luster.

      28 "Beige (M)"
      A matte beige.

      39 "Yesterday (P)"
      A light lavender gray radiating pink.

      29 "Magic Flute (P)"
      A light caramel shimmering with glossy gold.

      40 "Dolly Bird (P)"
      A steel gray with a wet luster and sparkle.

      30 "Rigoletto (P)"
      A gold beige with a smooth luster.

      41 "After Hours (P)"
      A mauve shimmering with pink and silver pearl.

      31 "Tiny Shell (P)"
      A coral beige reminiscent of tiny shells.

      42 "Arabian Ruby (ME)"
      A ruby red with a dark gloss.

      32 "Sand Bar (P)"
      A sandy beige with a prominent silver pearl.

      43 "Dangerous Liaison (P)"
      A deep purple shimmering with red and silver.

      33 "Earth Wind (M)"
      A matte earthy beige reminiscent of dry earth.

      44 "Missa (M)"
      A high quality matte violet.



      45" Spring Snow (P)"
      A pale yellow shimmering delicately with gold.

      56 "Brown Beach (M)"
      A matte light caramel.

      46 "Nouvelle Lune (P)"
      Moonlight yellow with a smooth silver gloss.

      57 "Corner Stone (M)"
      A matte pink brown.

      47 "3AM (P)"
      A light yellow shimmering with pearl.

      58 "Buffalo Soldier (M)"
      A matte yellow brown.

      48 "Ice Wall (P)"
      A light beige shimmering with pearl.

      59 "Café Royal (M)"
      A mate café mocha.

      49 "Trench Town (M)"
      A matte beige yellow.

      60 "Trust Me (M)"
      A matte smoky brown.

      50 "Tuxed Moon (P)"
      A gray beige shimmering with a soft pink.

      61 "Chocolate Factory (M)"
      A matte milky chocolate.

      51 "Meeting at Dome (P)"
      An antique gray with a sheer twinkle of large pearl.

      62 "Praline (M)"
      A matte bright caramel.

      52 "Midnight Drive (P)"
      A pale green with a grayish gloss.

      63 "Truffle (M)"
      A matte red brown.

      53 "Café Mambo (P)"
      A smoked khaki shimmering delicately with gold.

      64 "Chocolat (M)"
      A matte chocolate brown.

      54 "Thriller (P)"
      A khaki gray sparkling with a variety of pearl sheer.

      65 "Blue Mountain (M)"
      A matte ash brown.

      55 "Never Land (ME)"
      A dark green with a dreamy gloss.

      66 "The End (M)"
      A matte black brown.



      67 "Private Beach (P)"
      A sandy brown with the shimmer of clear pink pearl.

      78 "Sakura Storm (P)"
      A sheer light pink shimmering with silver.

      68 "Nostalgia (P)"
      A wet brown with a drenched pearl shimmer.

      79 "Material Girl (P)"
      A rose pink shimmering with gold.

      69 "Flash Back (P)"
      A grayish brown with a smooth gloss.

      80 "Cry Baby (P)"
      A grayish pink with a smooth sparkle.

      70 "Marron Glacé (P)"
      A chestnut brown shimmering delicately with gold.

      81 "Londolozi (M)"
      A matte antique rose.

      71"Café Solaire (P)"
      A red brown with a smooth gloss.

      82 "Taxi Driver (P)"
      A smooth grayish mauve.

      72 "Gorgeous (P)"
      A true brown sparkling with a variety of gold.

      83 " Singita (P)"
      A smooth cinnamon rose.

      73 "Dolce Vita (P)"
      A red brown with delicately shimmering gold pearl.

      84 "Drop Out (P)"
      Smoothly shimmering cinnamon.

      74 "Fudge (ME)"
      An amber brown with a rich gloss.

      85 "Shanghai Breakfast (P)"
      A mauve with a gold and red gloss.

      75 "Boy Toy (P)"
      Khaki brown shimmering gorgeously with gold.

      86 "La Mamounia (M)"
      A matte mahogany like the red earth.

      76 "Bagdad Café (P)"
      A coffee brown with delicately shimmering gold pearl.

      87 "Gypsy Queen (P)"
      An antique burgundy red.

      77 "Chocolate High (M)"
      A sophisticated dark brown.

      88 "Danger (M)"
      A matte black burgundy.



      89 "North Star (ME)"
      A silver that gives off a metallic shimmer.

      134"Blood Moon (P)" ★Limited Edition
      Blood pink with a depth that evokes a red moonlit night

      90 "Half Moon (P)"
      A Champagne gold with the shimmer of large pearls.

      135"Arietta (M)" ★Limited Edition
      Matte pink beige like a clear singing voice

      91 "Super Moon (P)"
      Gold with a clear shimmer.

      136"Black Rose (P)" ★Limited Edition
      Gorgeous yet prickly dark black rose

      92 "Mariage (P)"
      A Champagne beige with a wet shimmer.

      137"Mia Violetta (P)" ★Limited Edition
      Lavender inspired by lead character Violetta

      93 "Alice (M)"
      A vivid matte red.

      138"Lady Camellia (P)" ★Limited Edition
      Rose pink that expresses sentiments of love

      94 "Shangri-La (ME)"
      Garnett with a rich gloss.

      139"Soprano (S)" ★Limited Edition
      Soprano beige with shimmering silver pearl

      95 "Color Purple (ME)"
      Amethyst with a rich gloss.

      96 "Blue Moon (P)"
      Midnight blue with a dreamy shimmer.

      97 "Crow (ME)"
      A black pearl with a wet shimmer.

      98 "Black Swan (S)"
      A sheer black like a veil.

      99 "Miss You More (P)"
      A wet pink sparkling clearly.